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Our company is a long-standing leader on the market of legal services.

Why us?



We often receive orders from clients who complain about other agencies’ service quality. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been a single client who left us for the competitors.

Безграничные возможности

Wide range of services

In various areas of law. You will not need to address multiple companies in order to resolve various issues, you can order several different services from us and not worry about our specialists’ qualification.

Открытость и креативность


As a general rule, our lawyers have niche specialization and prove their qualification in each new case. They never break our company’s privacy policy and always perform all work responsibly and in due terms.



This is our creed; we never disclose our clients’ private information because a thousand clients to whom you will recommend us are much more important to us than thousands of rubles we can earn by “selling” your private information.

Точность и Своевременность

Term accuracy

We never accept the job if we are unable to complete it. Thanks to this our specialists are motivated to complete their tasks in shorter terms. It makes us just as interested in term accuracy as our clients are.


No borders

Our company provides its services within the whole territory of the Russian Federation. We have no borders, and working in other cities is usual business for us.

Legal services in Moscow

With development of economic relations directors of most commercial companies began understanding economic reasonability of concluding contracts with law firms which due to their professional activity can offer a wide range of legal services.
Companies which previously relied on legal agencies report high professionalism of the lawyers and having received positive results during resolving their problems they tend to rely on ongoing legal support performed by professionals who are able to resolve any legal matter.
Benefits from cooperation with our legal agency are evidential and primarily based on full responsibility for quality, timeliness and completeness of services provided to a client.
It is also important that the client does not have to provide and equip workplaces for the workers who conduct legal support of business processes. Upon conclusion of a contract for legal support with legal agency the client relieves itself from the necessity to monthly calculate and pay salary to an inhouse lawyer, to pay for temporary incapacity to labour, annual leaves, etc.
Thus, having concluded a contract on complex legal support with our law firm the client receives a complex of services pre-agreed by the parties.

Our company handles various legal matters

Percentage ration of our cases:

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Project start-up
(bars, restaurants, medical institutions…)
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Private disputes
(any disputes between individuals)
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Agreeing replanning
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(Both individuals and legal entities)
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Other services

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